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LRCA Market Report, November 2, 2018

Posted by on 2 November 2018

This market report was written at PCGS’s headquarters in Orange County, CA where we conducted our west coast lot viewing for Regency Auction 29. This week’s market report will focus on the state of the market as we see it today, our results from the October Premier Session, and upcoming consignment opportunities.

 The choppiness in the market continues. Our sister firm Legend Numismatics has been reporting on that for months now-but they do see light at the end of the tunnel finally. While retail sales might be subject to the “summer doldrums” each year, auction activity does not have that predictable trend. It seems that in auctions, it is matter of the quality fo the coins consigned.  "Stuff" never does well in a slower market. We've proven many times great coisn always sell strong-especially if the stock mark is faultering. As market volatility in other areas picks up due to fears of trade wars, tariffs, and other economic factors, people follow one of two tracks: take profits and put funds into other types of assets, or sit on the sidelines to see how long the choppiness continues. As interest rates rise, and the threats of tariffs add to inflationary predictions, we have seen gold prices rise to, and stay over $1,320 for over a week now. If this rise in price attracts people to the rare coin market (as it has in the past) we could see a time of higher demand and thus rising prices. Buying at today’s levels may well prove to be a very wise move.

 We fully expect our Regency 29 sale on Nov 15th to be a highly successful sale. We have many great coins offered. 

 Just take a look at some of the highlights:

 Lot 11. 1C 1814 Crosslet 4. PCGS MS66

Lot 42. 1C 1910 PCGS PR67+ RD CAC

Lot 73. 5C 1912-D PCGS MS67

Lot 131. 20C 1878 PCGS PR66+ CAC

Lot 134. 25C 1835 PCGS PR63

Lot 189. 50C 1919-D PCGS MS64+ CAC

Lot 213. $1 1840 PCGS MS63+ CAC

Lot 233 $1 1882-O/S Strong. PCGS MS65+

Lot 263. $1 1891 PCGS PR67 CAM CAC

Lot 266. $1 1921 Chapman Proof. PCGS PR67

Lot 278. $5 1857-S PCGS MS63+ CAC Ex. S.S. Central America

Lot 285. $20 1857-S PCGS MS67 CAC Ex S.S. Central America

Lot 297. $2.50 1876 PCGS PR67 DCAM

Lot 333. $5 1914 PCGS PR67 CAC

Lot 352. $20 1852-O PCGS MS61 CAC

Lot 376. $20 1872 PCGS PR63 DCAM

Lot 415. 50C 1893 Columbian Expo. PCGS MS67+ CAC

Lot 470. $50 1915-S Pan-Pac Octagonal. PCGS MS62

We had a decent crowd at the lot viewing today (we had a huge crowd at the Baltimore Show too). Serious collectors came by to view lots, and they all found coins to bid on for their collections. As you go through the listings, if you find coins that you might need special payment terms, or might need to set up a phone or absentee bid, contact us NOW.

December Premier Session. Our final monthly internet auction will be in December. We already have over 100 lots and they are all high quality and very cool. We estimate that when we close the sale there will be over $1,000,000 in value. If you are looking to build up your funds for the start of 2019, settlement for the December Premier Session will be before FUN. Talk to Jessica, Greg, or Julie today to get your coins in. Selections from the Sand Hill and Symphony Collections will serve as an anchor for the sale and include popular collector quality coins in several series.

Regency Auction 30---January 27, 2019. CONSIGN NOW! Already we have coins from the Sand Hill and Symphony Collections, as well as a complete set of Morgan Dollars, all PCGS and CAC approved! Other anchors include Buffalo Nickels and Barber Half Dollars from an old time Legend Numismatics client who is parring down his holdings. With a month left to the consignment deadline, we already have over 300 coins in house for the sale. Space is running low already, so get in touch NOW to discuss your holdings. We are working on some other exciting deals that once finalized and in house will be discussed in this space so stay tuned! You will want to be a part of this sale!

Final thoughts. LRCA is always improving our processes and we strive to offer the very best coins as well as offering the best customer service for both buyer and seller. If you are thinking of selling, talk to us, we would love to work with you. If you are still buying, be sure to bid in Regency Auction 29 online or come to San Antonio on November 15 to bid in person! If you have any questions, email Greg ([email protected]), Julie ([email protected], or Jessica ([email protected]), or call our office at 732-935-1168.

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