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About Us

Legend Rare Coin Auctions is an auction company dedicated first and foremost to coin collectors, whether you are buying or selling. Legend Auctions offers options for selling your coin collections.

We can buy a collection out right or accept coins on consignment for two types of auctions: The Regency Auctions or Premier Sessions. Our auction company can handle everything from an entire collection to a single coin and make sure that the coins are placed in the sale most suitable to bring the best prices realized. If you are in the market to purchase, Legend guarantees a boutique offering of world class rarities and high-end coins.

The auction company is owned by Laura Sperber, who is also the principal owner of Legend Numismatics, the undisputed #1 premier coin dealership in today’s marketplace. Laura’s credits include being the exclusive dealer to top collectors such as Simpson, Morelan, Coronet Morgans and more. She has personally bought and sold over $600 million in rare coins since she started her coin career in 1976. This means that Legend Numismatics has bought and sold more major, world class rarities than any other company.

Using her expertise in the business and realizing the need for a smaller boutique type auction company where personalized service and quality offerings were the rule, she created Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Together, with auction veteran Julie Abrams, the company president, Legend Rare Coin Auctions brings an unprecedented level of quality dealings, trust, and satisfaction to coin collectors everywhere.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Motto: "A happy buyer, equates to a happy seller!” You will find that Legend Rare Coin Auctions offers buyers and sellers a refreshing auction venue that is very different from its competitors.

Mission Statement

Dedication to Quality and Fresh to the Market Auctions
We promise to offer the finest certified rare coins. It is our goal to have fresh to the market offerings at all of our auctions. Every coin in a Legend Rare Coin Auctions sale will be examined by at least two knowledgeable, company-employed graders.

Our goal is to be totally transparent. If Legend Numismatics is the owner of a coin for sale, it will be noted. There will be no hidden reserves. We are a strong believer in transparency and providing a safe auction for collectors.

Accurate Descriptions
We pledge that our rare coin descriptions and images will be accurate. We want you to bid with total confidence each and every time. This policy is the cornerstone of our extremely high level of consumer satisfaction and customer retention.

All questions will always be answered promptly and honestly. Open communication is the critical link for our customers and our business.

We realize that without the collector, we would not be in business. It doesn't matter if you bid on one coin or $10 million worth of coins; we will to treat you with the utmost respect.

We are focused on hard work, strong ethics, and quality. We believe trust is built, not bought or sold.

Stay Informed
Even after a combined 40 years in this business, we are still learning. If we don't know something, we will not bluff or stall. Instead, we will contact an expert we trust for a second opinion.

Cultivate a Better Numismatic Community:
We are not the police, but when we see questionable behavior that affects collectors, we will try our best to notify the proper authorities. We are dedicated to seeing the numismatic world grow and prosper legitimately and ethically.


Julie new

Julie Abrams
845-430-4378 | [email protected]

Julie Abrams started in numismatics in 1986 when she joined up with Bernard Rome and launched Teletrade, the first computerized auction company. Teletrade developed a unique coin trading method, utilizing state-of-the-art digitized voice board technology to run live auctions before the advent of the internet. As President of Teletrade, Julie helped expand the company, increasing the frequency of auctions and expanding annual sales to $24 million within a few years. In 1999, GMAI, a publicly traded company, purchased Teletrade and Ms. Abrams became Executive Vice President of Sales for the parent company. Her job responsibilities included continuing her role as CEO for Teletrade as well as marketing to buyers and consignors, with the goal of maintaining a balance between inventory and sales while growing the business.

In 2004 she joined Stacks Bowers, an old world traditional auction house where she worked to expand their e-commerce presence, including the development of an online bidding platform for the firm. She also marketed Stacks' programs to secure consignments from dealers and institutions such as banks, museums and universities.

Julie is a member of the American Numismatic Association, the Central States Numismatic Association and Florida United Numismatists.

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Laura new2

Laura Sperber
732-935-1795 | [email protected]

Laura was raised in Highland Park, NJ. During high school, the coin bug hit her hard. Her trip to the 1976 NYC ANA left a lasting mark and huge desire for her to own and handle the greatest rarities. While attending Monmouth University, Laura attended coin shows more than classes. After college, she started LSS RCI, a wholesale coin company. In 1986, she realized the need for a "better" coin retailer and teamed up in 1986 with George Huang to form Legend Numismatics.

In 1996 Bruce Morelan became a partner and since then Legend has exclusively built or assisted in assembling this generation's greatest collections. In 2012 Laura saw the need for a smaller, boutique auction firm, and created Legend-Morphy with Dan Morphy, whom she split with in 2014. Today, Laura is also a leading consumer advocate for coins. The passion has never subsided, and she keeps a beautiful Proof Walker on her desk to this day.

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Bruce new

Bruce Morelan

Bruce started collecting coins when he was only six years old and by the time he was in high school his dream was to be a coin dealer. But life intervened and instead, Bruce went into business. By chance, he became Legend Numismatics' financial backer in 1996. His great grandmother had given him three coins when he was young, one of which being a Trade Dollar, so he set out to build the finest Trade Dollar set. After a few years with ultra rarities, Bruce returned to his love of dollars and completed both a set of Gobrechts and a set of Seated Dollars.

After selling those sets, Bruce recently returned to dollars with a new Gobrecht set and a spectacular early dollar set capped by his dream coin, the Amon Carter 1794 Dollar. Not many collectors can say they have completed not only the finest 1794-1885 Dollar Sets and have over the years owned such coins as two 1913 Liberty Head Nickels, an 1894-S Dime, 1876-CC Twenty Cent piece, 1827 Original and Restrike Quarters, 1838-O Half Dollar, two 1885 Trade Dollars and four 1884 Trade Dollars!

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Meet The Staff

Matt new 2018

Matt Bell
Executive Vice President
[email protected]

Serena new

Serena Myers
Director of Administration
[email protected]

Gereg new 2018

Greg Cohen
Senior Numismatist
[email protected]

Jessica Headshot new2

Jessica Berkman
Consignment Coordinator
[email protected]

Patrick 2018

Patrick Braswell
Art Director
[email protected]

Ann Marie new

Ann Marie Van Pelt
Office Manager
[email protected]

Jose new

José Campos
Auction Coordinator
[email protected]

Contact Info

Legend Rare Coin Auctions
P.O. Box 9
Lincroft, NJ 07738

Phone: 732-935-1168
Fax: 732-935-1807
On Location Cell: 732-233-0719

Open M-F / 9AM - 5PM


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