Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—June 16, 2017

Last night, the June Premier Sessions closed, realizing a total of $308,990. We had a record number of active bidders and a record number of people who viewed the coins online. Prices were generally strong and there were a few standout prices:

Lot 9. 1C 1867 PCGS MS65 RD. Realized $5,060

Lot 49. 5C 1937-D 3 LEGGED. PCGS MS64 CAC. Realized $6,600

Lot 52. 10C 1877-S PCGS MS66 CAC. Realized $9,075

Lot 109. 50C 1961 PCGS PR69 CAM. Realized $3,410

Lot 129. $1 1885-O PCGS MS64 CAC. Realized $3,190

Lot 172. 50C 1936 LONG ISLAND. PCGS MS67 CAC. Realized: $3,960

LRCA would like to thank everyone who participated in the auction and made it as successful as it was.


The Regency Auction XXII will be posted today. Containing 515 lots of some of the market’s freshest and highest quality rare coins, you will be blown away by the offering. Type coins and Morgan dollars are very well represented with coins from the Glacier Rams, 1994, JK Mirrors, Northern Lights, and A.W. Collections. Be prepared! We do expect very strong bidding once this sale opens.

Highlights abound in all areas, and include the following rarities: 20C 1878 PCGS PR67 CAM, $1 1846 PCGS MS64+ CAC, $5 1888 PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC, $20 1909 PCGS PR66 CAC, and a collection of Matte Proof Lincolns from the 1909 V.D.B. to 1916 which will be first offered individually and then as a complete set, the Sunnywood-Simpson-Northern Lights 1880-S PCGS MS68+ CAC, 1C 1857 Flying Eagle. PCGS PR65 CAM CAC, 5C 1867 NO RAYS. PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC, 25C 1918/7-S PCGS MS64, 50C 1797 PCGS XF45 CAC, $1 1798 SMALL EAGLE. 15 STARS. PCGS AU58+ CAC, $1 1891-CC PCGS MS65 DMPL CAC, $1 1892-S PCGS MS64 CAC, 50C 1915 J-1792/1962. PCGS PR67 RB, 25C 1883 HAWAII. PCGS PR67 CAM CAC, 1858 PROOF SET. PCGS PR65-67 EX SIMPSON, $5 1823 PCGS MS63+ CAC, $5 1929 PCGS MS64+ CAC, $10 1908 MOTTO. MATTE. PCGS PR66 CAC, and $20 1878 PCGS MS64 CAC.

Start making arrangements now to view lots, bid by phone, and again be prepared for very strong bidding!


Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—June 9, 2017—The Long Beach Expo

Sitting at the airport after a successful trip to SoCal and reflecting, we had a very good showing here. Today was the consignment deadline for the July Regency Auction, and we are returning home with over $1 million in consignments, featuring coins in all series. More details to come as we process the consignments. One of the highlights we can talk about is a FRESH 1892-S Morgan PCGS MS64 CAC OGH. This coin is certainly a highlight among highlights of the sale!  Speaking of highlights, our displays featuring the Glacier Rams Type Set, Northern Lights Collection, and 1994 Collection all attracted attention from visitors to our deluxe table location right in front of the show. There is a lot of excitement in the market about this sale, so make your plans to attend today! By far this is one of the freshest and high quality offerings we have ever produced. We will be offering a free walkthrough certificate for grading at the show for every collector who comes to lot viewing and registers to bid on site in Las Vegas.

Also of importance is our June Premier Session Internet Auction closes LIVE Thursday, June 15, starting at 10PM eastern, and features coins from the South West Cents Collection and the JK Mirrors Collection. In all 178 lots will be offered, and bidding is already fast and furious in many areas. Do not miss it! We had many people view the sale at the show, and we had many great comments about the quality of the offering.

Next week in this space we will discuss the results of the June Premier Session and list out more highlights from the July Regency Auction—stay tuned!


Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—June 2, 2017

Fresh…Fresh…It is a term that is used over and over in rare coin marketing—often times overused. HOWEVER, our June Premier Sessions auction, currently open for bidding and the July Regency Auction are full of FRESH to the market rare coins. In order for a coin to be considered “fresh” most say it has to be off the market for 5 years or more. When numismatic holdings (collections or even long put away investment portfolios of coins), have been off the market for decades, they do create excitement. Look at the recent auctions of the Blue Moon Collection and Eric Newman—these coins off the market for generations, created quite the buzz. The June Premier Session and July Regency Auction are anchored by two such fresh deals.

The June Premier Session begins with an old time collection of Indian Cents. We have billed it the South West Cent Collection. Consigned to us from a collector who had long held the coins in an old album, he decided to submit the coins to PCGS and then consigned them to us for our Premier Session. This collection is the epitome of FRESH, having been RAW until a few months ago. These have not been in auction, they have not been “conserved” or worse in an effort to approve their appearance and grade. For collectors wanting to see what FRESH Indian cents look like, stop by our table at the upcoming Long Beach Expo and view the lots!

Fresh also describes the anchor consignment for the July Regency Auction. Dubbed the 1994 Collection, this selection of coins was put away in that year as a way to diversify family investments. These coins have not seen the light of day since our founding partner, Laura Sperber, handpicked them for the collector. Featuring high grade and high end proof 20C pieces, a gorgeous 1888 proof $5, a stunning 1909 proof $20, and an impressive run of Matte Proof Lincoln Cents. Off the market for 23 years, the current generation of collectors will now have a chance to duke it out on July 13 to add some of these great coins to their collections.

Freshness counts in today’s market. With the speed and transparency of information available to collectors today, accurate or not, on the internet, coins purchased in the last year or two, with few exceptions, would not be considered fresh if they were to reappear on the market. Coins are indeed a long term hold. The 1994 Collector paid $35,000 for the proof $20—today it is estimated at $110,000-$125,000. We are confident the majority of the 1994 Collection will attain record prices.

We will have highlights on display at our table 601 at the Long Beach Show this week. 

Do you have a coin collection that has not been added to or upgraded in the last five years or more? We would love to bring your collection to market. There is still some space (VERY limited) in our July Regency Auction available, and as always we are looking for quality consignments for all future auctions, including Regency Auctions in October and December. Call us today!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—May 27,2017

The June Premier Sessions Internet Auction is being finalized and will be posting early next week, and it is a really neat sale. Within its 178 lots, there are two collections being featured in the sale. The first is a totally fresh to the market collection of Indian Head cents. The South West Cent Collection is an old holding, off the market for at least 40 years, and sent through PCGS only one time before being presented in the auction. There are many low pop gem brown grades, some of which have never sold in auction. The other collection are FBL Mint State and proof Franklin halves from JK’s Mirror Collection.  Opportunities abound for the specialist collectors of these two very popular series.  Morgan dollars are also nicely represented with better dates, neat toners, and gem examples. And throughout, hand selected type coins in mint state and proof, and gold coins are presented. All lots will be on view at the upcoming Long Beach Expo.


LAST CALL FOR CONSIGNMENTS FOR THE JULY REGENCY AUCTION! We have about 400 lots already in house, so space is filling up, but there is always room for GREAT QUALITY high end collector coins! Be sure to call or email us today to reserve your space and to discuss your holdings.


Finally, this Memorial Day weekend we remember those who gave their lives in service to our great country.

Monster Toned Dollars Bring Big Money in Big Easy

Legend Rare Coin Auctions conducted its 21st Regency Auction on the evening of May 18. The sale consisted of 520 hand selected, quality rare coins featuring several important collections. Included among these was Part 2 of the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns, selections from JK’s Mirror Collection, the Linda Collection of Mint State Trade Dollars, and Part 4 of the Northern Lights Collection. Regency Auction XXI saw decent prices overall, with areas of surprising strength, showing that truly special coins, properly marketed in our boutique venue, will bring “beyond moon money.” Numerous price records fell during the session as numismatists from across the globe competed for their prized new purchases.

Two portions of the sale saw especially heavy bidding. “We were astonished at some of the prices realized for some of the Proof Franklin half dollars from JK’s Mirror Collection,” explained Julie Abrams. “These more modern issues really are not our bailiwick, but lots 288, 295, and 297 brought exceptionally strong prices realized.” (1951 PCGS PR66 DCAM CAC, 1959 PCGS PR67 DCAM, 1961 DDR PCGS PR67) brought $13,512.50, $9,987.50, and $5,757.50 respectively.

“Of course, the other area of strength was in the monster toned Morgan dollars,” declared Laura Sperber, founder of Legend Auctions, “the prices can be divided into two categories, ‘record prices’ and ‘insane, beyond moon money prices!’ Coins in the latter category were:

Lot 338 1879-S PCGS MS67+ CAC ‘SUPER FLY’, which realized $27,025 on a $7,500+ estimate

Lot 344 1881-S PCGS MS66+ CAC ‘KRYPTONITE’, which realized $17,625 on a $4,000+ estimate

Lot 347 1882-S PCGS MS67 CAC ‘WOWSER BOWSER’, which realized $15,275 on a $3,000+ estimate

Lot 348 1882-S PCGS MS67+ CAC ‘HIGH ANXIETY’, which realized $15,862.50 on a $10,000+ estimate

Lot 354 1886 PCGS MS67 CAC ‘OUTRAGEOUS’, which realized $21,737.50 on a $7,000+ estimate.”

Sperber continued, “It does amaze us how extreme the depth of the market is for these amazing works of art. The demand for the simply stupefying amazing toned dollars is just never ending. There really is a parallel between exceptional quality rare coins and other valued collectibles. As we were conducting our sale, Sotheby’s sold a painting by Jean-Michel Basquiat for $110,500,000—the highest price ever paid for a work by an American artist at auction. Collectors, whether they collect high end coins, or high end art, will do fierce battle to acquire the objects of their desires.”

Other strong prices realized include:

Lot 87 $3 1871 J-1167. PCGS PR66 RB CAC, realized $18,212.50

Lot 95 1C 1793 WREATH. LETTERED EDGE. PCGS MS64 BN CAC, realized $293,750

Lot 112 1C 1909-S V.D.B. PCGS MS66+ RD CAC, realized $22,912.50

Lot 133 2C 1870 PCGS PR66+ RD CAM CAC, realized $24,675

Lot 173 10C 1797 16 STARS. PCGS MS62 CAC, realized $31,725

Lot 198 25C 1824/2 PCGS AU55 CAC, realized $25,850

Lot 199 25C 1825/4/3 PCGS MS64 CAC, realized $15,275

Lot 249 50C 1873 NO ARROWS, CLOSED 3. PCGS PR65 DCAM, realized $8,812.50

Lot 438 $1 1927-S PCGS MS65 CAC, realized $15,275

Lot 445 1C-$1 1886 ORIGINAL PROOF SET, PCGS PR66-67, realized $55,812.50

Lot 446 G$1 1849 NO L. PCGS MS66 CAC, realized $15,862.50

Lot 489 $10 1913-S PCGS MS62 CAC, realized $17,037.50

Lot 490 $10 1908 MOTTO. MATTE. PCGS PR67 CAC, realized $146,875 (a record price for the issue!)

“Legend Rare Coin Auctions continues to grow with each sale,” said Greg Cohen, Senior Numismatist, said. “This sale did see a record number of registered bidders participating in the sale, bidding prior to and during the sale online.”

Julie Abrams continued, “our niche spot in the rare coin auction business, as the boutique venue that offers only the finest and freshest, hand selected coins enables bidders to participate with full confidence that they will only be getting the best quality coins for their collections. With the results of Regency Auction XXI, we have proved once again that Legend Rare Coin Auctions is the small auction house that gets big results!”

Legend has a robust auction schedule for the remainder of 2017, including monthly Premier Sessions Internet only auctions and Regency Auctions in July, October, and December. Contact Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen if you would like to discuss consigning. Time and space are limited, so act now. Legend offers the finest customer service, competitive commission and cash advance terms and generous finders fees on qualified consignments. You can reach Julie at julie@legendauctions.com or 845-430-4378 or Greg at greg@legendauctions.com, or 732-935-1168. For more information visit www.legendauctions.com.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—May 12, 2017

The Regency Auction XXI is a less than a week away! Do not wait to get your bids in! Register today!

The team is leaving for New Orleans on Tuesday morning, so if you need to reach any of us please take note of our onsite auction cell phone number: 732-233-0719. We can help you set up phone bids or assist you with bidding or any questions you might have about coins of interest.

Regardless of what you collect, the current Regency Auction will have something that fits your interests. World class patterns? We have 89 lots, anchored by Bob Simpson’s Standard Silver Collection, Part 2. There are many very rare coins in this series valued under $5,000—we think that they offer a lot of potential for the collector! Do you collect high grade early type coins? From condition census early copper to several extremely rare Capped Bust coins in PROOF to GEM mint state Bust halves, we have coins that will suit any taste, budget, and series. Are the Trade dollars, with their neat history and place in American numismatics your thing? We are selling the Linda Collection of Trade Dollars—a carefully assembled set built over 15 years ago from a long time client of Legend. Morgan dollars a specialty of yours? Part 4 of the Northern Lights Collection is augmented by 71 lots of Morgans including ultra high grades, key dates, and proofs! Gold coins feature a neat group of branch mints and ultra rare proofs. The sale closes with cool group of toned commems. Really something for everyone!

Be prepared! We expect strong bidding across the board. Good luck!

Next week will have our post sale press release posted. Have a great weekend and remember to bid!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—May 5, 2017

Another busy week here at LRCA. On Monday, we welcomed Serena Myers to our team. She comes to Legend Auctions with many years experience in the auction business and she will be managing our office and work flow. She is a true professional and with her help we will continue to grow and be able to offer even better customer service and increase our ability to offer great coins in our auctions.

The Regency auction is just under two weeks away. If you haven’t already, be sure to take a look at the 520 hand selected lots that will be offered. We had many new bidders pop up this week, and we welcome them to the Legend experience. As always, Don Willis, president of PCGS made a wonderful video preview of the auction, which will be posted to our site for your viewing pleasure. It is always a good way to spend a few minutes watching Don talk about awesome coins!

A reminder—if you need to set up phone bidding or payment terms for your purchases, contact us TODAY. We do want to ensure everyone is able to add great coins to their collections, and we can work with you—you just have to let us know ahead of time.

Upcoming sales:

We have limited space available for the June Premier Session Internet Only Auction. We will be taking consignments for this auction through the PCGS Members Show in New Orleans. It will be posted online around June 8 and will close on June 15. We have a great selection of over 100 coins already consigned, including selections from JK’s Mirror Collection of Franklin and JFK Half Dollars.

Regency Auction XXII, July 13—Las Vegas. This week several great consignments have been coming in. We received a consignment that contains a number of better date and DMPL dollars and a neat group of gold coins (including a vibrant $2.50 1836 PCGS MS64+ CAC and a gorgeous $5 1834 Classic Head in PCGS MS64 CAC). Another collection, a small but powerful group of coins put away by a long time collector of Legend Numismatics will be featured. For a preview, read Laura’s major announcement in her Legend Numismatics market report (will be posted on Saturday May 6). These consignments, together with the final selection of monster toned dollars from the Northern Lights Collection, make a very cool core to the sale. We have limited space available, so be sure to contact either Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen today to include your coins.

Legend Auctions will be expanding its Premier Session program to have a Session every month, including those that have a Regency Auction. In the months where there is a Regency Sale, the Premier Session will close the Sunday after the Regency Sale, having all Premier Sessions coins available for lot viewing alongside the Regency Auction. This will allow us to better serve our clients who have high end coins that do not meet our general threshold for placement in the Regency Auction.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—April 28, 2017

Another busy week at LRCA, with Julie, Laura, and Jose attending the CSNS show and Greg and Patrick were back at the office. Bidding in the Regency Auction continued apace with strong bidding coming from a record number of registered bidders. We are really impressed by the attention this auction sale has been attracting– there really is a strong “buzz” about the Regency Auction XXI. At the Central States show, many of our customers came up to our table to comment on how great the selection in the auction is, that it is one of our very best offerings—if not the best! As a bidder you should know that LRCA strives to offer only the best quality rare coins on the market and we pride ourselves on the excellent one-on-one customer service that you cannot get anywhere else! If you see any coins in our sale that you would like to discuss, call or email us and we will give you a fair, unbiased opinion of the coin. We do this because we know, at the end of the day a happy buyer will make for a happy seller in the future.

As always we are actively seeking consignments for our upcoming auctions, including the Premier Session in June and Regency Auction XXII in July. We have several very neat consignments for both events including a collection of Proof Shield nickels and the final offering of monster toned Morgan dollars from the Northern Lights Collection. Whether you have one coin or an entire collection, let our team of world class numismatists market your coins and help you realize top dollar. If you are reading this from the Central States show, head over to the table and talk to Julie Abrams. If not, give us a call at 732-935-1168 or email Julie at Julie@legendauctions.com or Greg at greg@legendauctions.com. We will work with you every step of the way from first conversation until final consignment settlement, and attend to every important detail to help ensure the highest possible prices realized for you!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—April 21, 2017

Wow! Within 24 hours of posting the Regency Auction on Tuesday afternoon, we had a record number of people register to bid, and several coins had bids that brought them well within the estimate ranges. We know this sale, with its great mixture of high grade type coins, rare patterns, and stunning rarities will see very active bidding up through the close of the sale in New Orleans on May 18. Only time will tell—but we can tell you that the market seems to have really firmed up in the last few months. With tax time now passed, collectors know how to budget for numismatic purchases. When really neat, fresh coins—like most of the coins in our sale—come around, they know to bid strongly.

This week, we are focusing on highlights from Bob Simpson’s Standard Silver patterns. Looking at these few examples you really get a sense for the beauty and rarity of them. This is the unquestioned FINEST collection of Standard Silvers ever assembled.

Lot 1. 10C 1869 J-701. PCGS PR65+ DCAM CAC

Lot 19. 50C 1869 J-747. PCGS PR66 CAM CAC

Lot 23. 50C 1869 J-756. PCGS PR67 RB

Lot 35. 10C 1870 J-854. PCGS PR66+ CAM CAC

Lot 47. 25C 1870 J-894. PCGS PR68+ CAM CAC

Lot 58. 25C 1870 J-916 PCGS PR67 CAM CAC

Lot 67. 50C 1870 J-951. PCGS PR64 CAM CAC

Look at the auction, pull up these lots, and see how pretty, how rare, and how affordable these are! Lots 1-80 are all Simpson patterns—most of them are valued under $10,000—many under $5,000. Remember that most of these are R-6+ or R-7! Good luck finding a condition census example of a federally issued coin with that kind of rarity!

We will be at the Central States show at table # 1900-1901. We will have the Regency Sale for viewing by request.  We will also be accepting consignments for our upcoming Premier Sessions Internet Sales and July Regency Auction XXII. Remember, Our July Regency Auction is the FINAL auction before the big American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money, arguably the largest show of the year. We are now open for consignments to that sale. Qualified consignments to that sale will be subject to the following consignment incentive:

Consignors who consign a minimum of $50,000 with 100% sell through (10 coins at $5,000 minimum) will receive full settlement on July 31. This is a full three weeks early—giving you the purchasing power you may need at the ANA show. To qualify, we need the coins in house NO LATER than May 25.

Legend Rare Coin Auction Market Report—April 17, 2017

Regency Auction XXI is in the final stages of production. Despite every coin in the sale crossing this desk, it is amazing that you really don’t know what an auction is going to look like until the very end. We can say this about the 21st Regency Auction: it is impressive. The number of GREAT coins in this sale is a true testament to the confidence that numismatists of all levels place in our boutique auction venue! They know that high end coins with great eye appeal will not fall through the cracks in our auction, as they may elsewhere. The sale in its entirety will be made live for bidding tomorrow, Tuesday, April 18, 2017. In the meantime, we did post a full lot list for you to preview.

Among the many impressive highlights, we are posting these ten today:



Lot 176– 10C 1829 PCGS PR64 CAM CAC

Lot 186– 10C 1893 NGC PR69

Lot 219– 25C 1939 PCGS MS68 CAC

Lot 262– 50C 1919-D PCGS MS64+ CAC

Lot 273– 50C 1939 PCGS MS68+ CAC


Lot 396– $1 1886 PCGS MS66+ DMPL CAC

Lot 475– $5 1813 PCGS MS62


Make plans NOW to view the lots. If you would like to view in the comfort of our office, please call us early to make special arrangements—we do not have room for multiple people to come in at one time. Also, now is the time to make any arrangements for payment terms. As collectors ourselves, we know how having time to pay will often allow collectors the ability to stretch on coins they really want for their collections. We are always happy to work with anyone who requests special terms. Just contact Greg Cohen or Julie Abrams in advance of the sale to discuss.

Now is also time to start thinking ahead. We are always looking for quality consignments for future LRCA auction events. We already have several great groups of coins both for our June Premier Session Internet Sale, and our July Regency XXII Auction.

Our July Regency Auction is the FINAL auction before the big American Numismatic Association’s World’s Fair of Money, arguably the largest show of the year. We are now open for consignments to that sale. Qualified consignments to that sale will be subject to the following consignment incentive:

Consignors who consign a minimum of $50,000 with 100% sell through (10 coins at $5,000 minimum) will receive full settlement on July 31. This is a full three weeks early—giving you the purchasing power you may need at the ANA show. To qualify, we need the coins in house NO LATER than May 25.