Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—June 2, 2017

Fresh…Fresh…It is a term that is used over and over in rare coin marketing—often times overused. HOWEVER, our June Premier Sessions auction, currently open for bidding and the July Regency Auction are full of FRESH to the market rare coins. In order for a coin to be considered “fresh” most say it has to be off the market for 5 years or more. When numismatic holdings (collections or even long put away investment portfolios of coins), have been off the market for decades, they do create excitement. Look at the recent auctions of the Blue Moon Collection and Eric Newman—these coins off the market for generations, created quite the buzz. The June Premier Session and July Regency Auction are anchored by two such fresh deals.

The June Premier Session begins with an old time collection of Indian Cents. We have billed it the South West Cent Collection. Consigned to us from a collector who had long held the coins in an old album, he decided to submit the coins to PCGS and then consigned them to us for our Premier Session. This collection is the epitome of FRESH, having been RAW until a few months ago. These have not been in auction, they have not been “conserved” or worse in an effort to approve their appearance and grade. For collectors wanting to see what FRESH Indian cents look like, stop by our table at the upcoming Long Beach Expo and view the lots!

Fresh also describes the anchor consignment for the July Regency Auction. Dubbed the 1994 Collection, this selection of coins was put away in that year as a way to diversify family investments. These coins have not seen the light of day since our founding partner, Laura Sperber, handpicked them for the collector. Featuring high grade and high end proof 20C pieces, a gorgeous 1888 proof $5, a stunning 1909 proof $20, and an impressive run of Matte Proof Lincoln Cents. Off the market for 23 years, the current generation of collectors will now have a chance to duke it out on July 13 to add some of these great coins to their collections.

Freshness counts in today’s market. With the speed and transparency of information available to collectors today, accurate or not, on the internet, coins purchased in the last year or two, with few exceptions, would not be considered fresh if they were to reappear on the market. Coins are indeed a long term hold. The 1994 Collector paid $35,000 for the proof $20—today it is estimated at $110,000-$125,000. We are confident the majority of the 1994 Collection will attain record prices.

We will have highlights on display at our table 601 at the Long Beach Show this week. 

Do you have a coin collection that has not been added to or upgraded in the last five years or more? We would love to bring your collection to market. There is still some space (VERY limited) in our July Regency Auction available, and as always we are looking for quality consignments for all future auctions, including Regency Auctions in October and December. Call us today!