Legend Rare Coin Auctions Sells $390,000

The first auction of our re-branded Premier Sessions Monthly Internet Only Sales was a huge success!  Not only did we have nearly the same amount of bidders as a Regency Sale, we saw dozens of totally new and aggressive players join in. From the time the sale went live, until the last lot closed, there was strong activity.

Highlights of the sale include (10% buyers fee included)

1C   1856 PCGS PR64 BN CAC ****$7,425.00
1C   1888/7 PCGS XF 40 *********$5,500.00
3CN  1882 PCGS PR68 CAM CAC **$7,975.00
10C  1936 PCGS PR67 **********$2,860.00
25C   1896-S PCGS XF45 CAC******$5,280.00
25C  1929-D PCGS MS65 FH CAC ***$8,800.00
50C  1802 PCGS XF45 CAC *******$9,900.00
50C  1916 PCGS MS66 CAC ******$7,150.00
$1  1882-CC PCGS MS65 DMPL CAC $2,200.00
G$1 1882 PCGS MS67+ CAC ******$6,875.00
$2.50 1861-S PCGS AU55 CAC ******$7,425.00
$20  1925 PCGS MS66+  CAC ******$12,650.00
$1   J-1631 1879 PCGS PR64 CAC ***$7,975.00

There were many more strong prices realized across the board.

Next up: our March Premier Sessions Internet Only Sale. We will be listing the lots by this weekend! The sale will open around March 6 and close March 16th starting at 10 PM Est.

The March Sale lots will be on display for viewing at ANA Mid Winter Show in Orlando.

Have neat coins you wish to consign? We are seeking coins for our April Premier Sessions Sale and our May Regency Sale. MINIMUM per lot is now $1,500.00 with a minimum consignment of $10,000.00.  Contact Julie Abrams: julie@legendauctions.com or Greg Cohen greg@legendauctions.com

Legend Rare Coin Auctions wishes to thank everyone who participated in making this sale such a success. There are many more great sales to come!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—2/18/17—The Long Beach Expo

From dealer set up on Wednesday to close on Saturday, our prime table location right in front of the room was very active. Two big draws to the table were our display of Part 4 of the Northern Lights Collection being offered in the May Regency XXI Auction, and with the February Premier Sessions up online we had so many people looking at lots, you could have thought it was lot viewing for a Regency Auction! Bidding has been very active as well with several coins already bid well beyond the estimates.

The March Premier Session is now closed to consignments. A list will be sent out shortly of what is in the offering. Like the February Premier Session, there are lots of great type coins, interesting gold coins, all in the general $1,000-$10,000+ range. Any picky buyer WILL be impressed by the quality in the sale!

We picked up several impressive consignments here at the show for our Regency Auction XXI, including a very impressive original set of 1870 Barber Seated Liberty patterns struck in copper and an essentially GEM quality 1652 Pine Tree Shilling. Type collectors will also be very impressed. The May Regency Auction will be held in New Orleans, site of last year’s historic sale of the Bob Simpson duplicate Quintuple Stella.

We still have room for YOUR coins in the auction, but space is filling fast. With two major shows between now and the consignment deadline (the Orlando ANA and March Baltimore), we suggest that you contact us NOW to discuss your holdings. No collection is too big, and we have proven that our boutique style Regency Auctions get the same (or stronger) results than the big auction houses. Look at the results achieved for the Sunnywood-Simpson Collection of Morgan Dollars, the Coronet Collection of Morgan Dollars, the Flannagan Collection of Territorial Coins, type, and color Morgan Dollars, the Northern Lights Collection of Toned Morgan Dollars, The Simpson-Hall Collection of Liberty $10, the Bob Simpson Proof Seated Dime and Barber Dime Collections, and Part 1 of the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns. Let us do for you what we did for these great properties, and many others! Contact Julie Abrams (julie@legendauctions.com or 845-430-4378) or Greg Cohen (greg@legendauctions.com, or 732-935-1168).

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report– February 10, 2017

Welcome to this week’s Market Report. We have a lot going on in the coming week to tell you about. While the temperatures were volatile here in New Jersey, the activity in the office was steady.

 The February Premier Sessions Auction is going live a few days early: it will be online ready for bidding this afternoon, six days ahead of schedule. We want to thank the consignors for placing their coins in our newly revamped “mini-Regency” auctions. Over the last week and a half, direct mailers were sent out to our mailing list with a complete listing of the coins. Based on the numerous calls and emails about certain coins, we know that there will be lots of fierce bidding competition. Some highlights include:

Lot 30 10C 1916-D PCGS AU58 FB CAC

Lot 73 50C 1861 CSA RESTRIKE. PCGS AU55

Lot 79 50C 1919-S PCGS MS65 CAC

Lot 114 G$1 1882 PCGS MS67+ CAC

Lot 126 $5 1855-S PCGS AU55 CAC

Lot 145 G$1 1903 JEFFERSON. PCGS MS67+ CAC

Lot 156 $1 1879 J-1631 PCGS PR64 CAC

Remember all lots will be available for lot viewing at our new table location at the Long Beach Expo, table 601. We look forward to seeing you there! If you cannot make it to view in person, call Greg Cohen at 732-935-1168 to ask about in hand inspections of your lots of interest.

As always, we are always looking for consignments of coins for any of our upcoming auctions and it is never too early to discuss future sales. With a Regency Auction coming up in May, July, October, and December; and Premier Sessions still open for consignments in March, April, June, August, September, and November, there is always a venue for your coins to be offered. Do not wait until a consignment deadline to get your coins to us. The earlier we have your coins in house, the sooner we can begin to market them.

March Premier Sessions. We already have over 100 coins in house, with many very fresh neat collector coins in all areas, from copper and silver type, to better date Morgan dollars, and gold. See us at the Long Beach show if you have anything you might like to consign. Remember, these sales are limited to 150-175 lots, so space is filling quickly.

REGENCY AUCTION XXI, May 18 in New Orleans. We have three impressive anchor collections consigned already:

The Northern Lights Collection, Part 4

The Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns, Part 2

The Linda Collection of Mint State Trade Dollars.

We also have several smaller consignments in house, including some really cool, fresh to the market patterns and an 1840 Proof Dollar. You want to have your coins sold alongside these wonderful coins.

NOW is the time to talk to Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen about consigning to this important event. We will be taking consignments until March 24, but the sooner we have the coins in house the better. Let us show you how our smaller boutique style auctions get the BIG results!

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ Market Report—2/3/17

The February Premier Session Internet Only Auction is nearing completion. We had such a strong response to the new, larger format for our Sessions Auctions, more coins came in than we anticipated, and we cut consignments off a little early. A full list of what is being offered is posted online, and has been mailed out to our catalog mailing list. You will certainly find that Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ internet sales are completely unlike any other internet auction offered by anyone else in the business. If you have not participated in any of our Sessions Auctions in 2016, we welcome you in 2017.

Some highlights:

3CS 1853 PCGS MS67 CAC
H10C 1795 PCGS AU55
25C 1932-D PCGS MS64+ CAC
50C 1919-S PCGS MS65 CAC
G$1 1882 PCGS MS67+ CAC
$5 1855-S PCGS AU55 CAC

 The sale will post online for bidding on Thursday, February 16 and closes live on the evening of Thursday, February 23. Every lot will be at the Long Beach convention at the LRCA table, 601 for viewing.

 Benefits of consigning to a boutique auction.  Recently an estate approached us with a small collection of interesting type coins, key dates, etc. We made them a proposal to offer the coins in one of our upcoming Regency Auctions. We were amazed at how the folks with the coins fell for the “bigger must be better” trap. Remember, unless you have a multimillion dollar consignment, your coins just “feed the machine.” The group of coins would get lost in a large sized auction sale. The coins that were offered were solid collector oriented coins, valued at $750-$35,000. In a large auction, these would be broken up into possibly three different sessions, live and online (and some of those live sessions would be running while the affiliated bourse floor was being operated, limiting potential participation), and there likely would have been multiples of the same date and grade.

Bigger does not just refer to the number of lots. It also applies to other “selling points” that auction firms mention in their sales pitch to potential consignors. Just because a firm claims to have a huge number of clients, huge mailing list, etc, does not automatically mean they will get higher prices. As a consignor, at the end of the day, what really matters is the bottom line. Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ mailing list has the proven buyers, who have paid record prices for coins. These are the people you want bidding on your coins. And, 90% of the coins sold in LRCA sales go to collectors or their dealer agents, not dealers buying crack-outs, upgrades, or “on spec.”

We just witnessed that great coins can and do fall through the cracks at these larger auctions, and it is the consignor that feels the pinch. Because of how large some of the auctions can be, coins do not get processed properly (crossed over, regraded, submitted to CAC). A coin recently sold in a major sale that sold for $10,000. The buyer sent the coin to CAC where it stickered, and subsequently sold the coin for $20,000. Who loses out the most? The consignor.

Consigning to Legend Rare Coin Auctions, our team of world class numismatists vet all the consignments. You will not see a run of 20 of the same date/grade coin in any of our sales. In fact, very rarely will we have duplication at all. As part of our vetting process, we work with you, the consignor to ensure that the right coins are submitted for grading/CAC. Our auctions DO NOT take place during bourse hours, nor are there multiple sessions for bidders to keep track of. We do this to protect our consignors, resulting in higher APRs for you.  Not only do we do all that to protect the bidder, but we also can give you great terms on commissions and cash advances. Our motto is “a happy buyer makes a happy seller.”

To consign your coins to one of our upcoming sales contact us today! Let Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen work with you to help you maximize the value of your consignment. After 20 Regency Auctions and 7 Internet Only Sessions sales, we have proven, beyond any doubt, Legend Rare Coin Auctions has proven that small boutique auctions can bring as big (or bigger) results than the larger firms. Let us WOW you today with what we can do for you!


Upcoming events:

February 15-18 Long Beach Expo

February 16-23 February Premier Session Internet Only Auction

March 8-11 ANA National Money Show, Orlando, FL

March 9-16 March Premier Session Internet Only Auction

March 29-April 1 Baltimore Whitman Expo.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions’ 20th Regency Auction Brings Powerful Results

(Lincroft, NJ—1/27/17)—With 296 lots of hand-selected rare coins, Legend’s Regency Auction XX, the official auction for the PCGS Members Only Show, saw strong bidding in several areas, and although smaller in size than recent offerings, Regency XX realized impressive prices and the small boutique auction style continue to draw large numbers of serious bidders.

The sale opened with the first part of the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns. This selection of 85 coins from Mr. Simpson’s main line collection. Bidding was active from collectors both in the room, on the phone, and online. “Never before has an offering this large or of this quality (most were pop 1, finest known) ever been offered in auction,” explained Laura Sperber. “The prices realized reflected the historic nature of the presentation. And we are proud that 100% of the patterns were bought by collectors. It was exciting to see the extremely enthusiastic bidding—especially in a series that has been overlooked for so long!”

Following the patterns, regular issue federal coins were sold, which saw aggressive bidding throughout. The momentum continued into the third offering of monster toned dollars from the Northern Lights Collection. As in Parts 1 and 2 of this remarkable collection, they realized extraordinary prices. “The Northern Lights Collection strength of the prices on the selection of 16 pieces were mind boggling, many brought beyond moon money! I could not believe all the bidders, and especially the new bidders who were vying for these incredible pieces.” exclaimed Laura Sperber. “With these results, LRCA continues to dominate the color dollar market.”

“The market continues to improve, and the results in Regency XX reflects that improvement,” explained Julie Abrams, president of LRCA. “Numerous new bidders came into the auction with the intention to buy, and they did, driving strong prices throughout the sale, particularly in the Simpson Pattern and Northern Lights Collections, but as you will see with the list of highlights below, strong prices were realized throughout.”

Among the highlights, the following lots were standouts:

Lot 95 1/2C 1793 PCGS XF40. Realized: $19,387.50

Lot 103 1C 1857 Flying Eagle. PCGS PR65 CAC. Realized: $37,600

Lot 117 3CS 1859 PCGS MS67 CAC. Realized: $12,337.50

Lot 147 10C 1885 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC Ex Simpson. Realized: $6,768.75

Lot 159 20C 1875 PCGS MS65. Realized: $7,343.75

Lot 205 $1 1795 Centered Draped Bust. PCGS AU50 CAC Ex Hesselgesser. Realized: $16,450

Lot 210 $1 1864 PCGS PR66 CAM CAC. Realized: $47,000

Lot 233 $1 1881-S PCGS MS66 PL CAC “Freckles” Ex Northern Lights Collection. Realized: $23,500-A world record.

Lot 226 $1 1885-O PCGS MS66+ CAC “Screaming Wow” Ex Northern Lights Collection. Realized: $19,387.50-A world record.

Lot 257 $50 1851 Humbert . Reeded Edge, 880 Thous. PCGS AU50. Realized: $61,687.50

Lot 277 $5 1907 PCGS MS66 CAC. Realized: $6,756.25

Lot 291 50C 1922 Grant With Star. PCGS MS67 CAC. Realized: $42,300

Legend Rare Coin Auctions has four more exciting Regency Auctions in 2017, with Regency Auction XXI coming up next, being held on May 18 at Harrah’s in New Orleans. Already on hand are the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns, Part 2 and Part 4 of the Northern Lights Collection. We are now accepting consignments for that excellent sale. The consignment deadline is March 24, so be sure to contact either Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen before then to discuss your coins. Remember, the Regency Auctions are limited to 500 hand selected rare coins. “Collectors and other numismatic enthusiasts appreciate the boutique style of the Regency Auctions. Consignors appreciate that their coins won’t be included with several examples of the same date and grade; and bidders like that they don’t have to sift through a phone book sized listing to locate coins of interest,” said Greg Cohen, Senior Numismatist for LRCA, recalling conversations from clients. “If you have quality rare coins that you are in the market to sell, do what leading collectors from Bob Simpson, to Gerry Forsythe, to David Hall have done: consign to Legend Rare Coin Auctions. Let us do for you what we have done for those illustrious collectors, and hundreds of other consignors!”

For more information, including upcoming events (next up are the Long Beach Expo and our February Premier Sessions Internet Only auction, closing on February 23), and consignment deadlines, please go to www.legendauctions.com.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—1/21/17—Auction Week!!!

Auction week is here. BID NOW! Only a few more days to get your bids in  on the 296 hand selected lots in Regency Auction XX. While the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns (the FINEST ever assembled) and the Northern Lights Collections are the anchors, there are nearly 200 coins from various other consignors, featuring very desirable collector coins.

Key date issues, condition rarities, and other important coins abound. Take a look at lot 95, a lovely XF 1793 half cent or lot 166, a SUPERB MS66+ CAC 1894-O quarter. Interesting and rare gold coins include an 1862-S $5 and several $10 gold eagles from the Carson City mint. We are sure that there is something of interest for nearly every collector taste; we assure you this is not a sale full of stale retreads; each coin was hand selected by our world class numismatists.

Our team is heading to Vegas on Tuesday, so NOW is the time to make any last minute arrangements for special payment terms or phone bidding. Be sure to contact us as soon as possible. We want you to be able to add those coins to your collections and we are more than happy to work with you.

Lot viewing is by appointment Tuesday afternoon, Wednesday morning and regular viewing on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday.  If you need one of our world class numismatists to view a coin in hand for you The sale is Thursday evening, January 26, at 430 PM PST. If you are able to attend at the Venetian, you are invited to attend the sale in person. If you cannot make it, you can place bids live online at www.legendauctions.com, or you can set up an appointment to bid by phone. After Monday, you will have to reach us either by email (info@legendauctions.com), or our onsite auction cell phone, 732-233-0719.


Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report: 1/7/16~~The FUN Show

Legend Rare Coin Auctions would like to begin this market report by sending our thoughts and prayers to the victims and their families of the shooting at the Fort Lauderdale airport on Friday, and express our appreciation to the men and women of the multiple law enforcement agencies involved.

The FUN Show itself was active. We had available our Regency Auction XX and had many local collectors come and view one or two lots, and a few who looked at the entire sale. Certainly the Bob Simpson Collection of Standard Silver Patterns were a huge draw at our table, as were the amazing Northern Lights Toned Dollars.
During the course of the show, Greg and Julie were actively gathering consignments for the Premier Sessions Internet Auction in February. We are coming home with many fresh and interesting consignments. You will be impressed with the offering! We still have some space left in the sale; remember, we are keeping these limited to 150 hand selected, quality coins. Our consignment deadline is January 26.
We have already begun to get some really cool consignments for our May Regency XXI auction! Here at the show we picked up a couple of patterns that were last sold publicly back in the 1970s. A neat little run of $3 gold was also consigned for that sale. Remember, these will be sold alongside the next installment of the Northern Lights Collection and the second part of the Bob Simpson Standard Silver Pattern Collection.
If you have any coins to consign to either a Premier Sessions Internet Auction or the May Regency Auction, contact Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen today.

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report 12/23/16

Last week’s Regency Auction was a great success, and early this week, we posted a few of the items that did not meet reserve, and were able to make a few more post auction sales. It is always great when that happens.
LRCA is hitting a milestone with its 20th Regency auction, which is now posted online and open for bidding. Lots of fresh numismatic treasures, anchored by the Simpson Standard Silver Pattern Collection and Part 3 of the Northern Lights Collection. A great selection of 295 lots awaits your bidding.
Legend Auctions is also revamping our monthly internet only auctions. Rolling out for 2017 are the Premier Sessions Internet Auctions. These will be held each month that does not have a Regency Auction. We are increasing the number of lots from 100 to 150, and the top value from $10,000 to $20,000. They will in essence be small sized Regency Auctions. The first one for 2017 will open for bidding on February 16 and close on the 23rd. We will have full viewing at the Long Beach Expo, and will be accepting consignments through the end of January. If you have any coins you would like to consign to any LRCA Auction event, contact Greg Cohen or Julie Abrams to discuss your holdings.
We would like to extend a heart felt thank you for being a part of a very successful 2016 and we wish you a very happy holiday and a healthy and prosperous New Year. We look forward to doing business with you in 2017!
Laura Sperber, Julie Abrams, Greg Cohen, and the entire Legend Rare Coin Auctions Team

2016 Ends Strong at Legend Rare Coin Auction’s 19th Regency Sale in Las Vegas

(December 16, 2016–Lincroft, NJ)– On the evening of December 15, 2016, Legend Rare Coin Auctions held its 19th Regency Auction, offering 514 lots in the Official Auction for the PCGS Members Show. The results were impressive overall with a number of record-shattering realizations. Two core collections anchored the sale: the Angel Dee’s Collection of Toned Buffalo Nickels, The Young-Dakota Collection of Proof Barber Dimes, and Part 2 of the Northern Lights Collection of Monster Toned Morgan Dollars. From the first lot, strength was seen throughout the session.


“Clearly Legend Auctions dominates the colored Morgan dollar market!” declared Laura Sperber. “On top of that, we saw a record number of new bidders register to bid, and many were successful bidders. We look forward to working with them more in the future.”


Julie Abrams, President of Legend Auctions, added, “After 19 Regency Auctions, our boutique style sales have attracted many serious bidders and this auction showed just how much we’ve grown.  From the beginning of the show every seat was filled during lot viewing and the room was as crowded as I’ve ever seen -  making for heated bidding and huge prices.  It was a truly exciting sale and a wonderful way to end the year.”


The highlights were numerous, below is a sample of some of the highlight coins and their prices (all include the 17.5% Buyers Premium).


Lot 16 1C 1914-D PCGS MS66 RB CAC, realized $30,550

Lot 53 5C 1901 PCGS PR67+ CAM CAC, realized $6,169

Lot 55 5C 1913 TYPE I. MS68 CAC EX ANGEL DEE’S, realized $28,200

Lot 113 5C 1936-D PCGS MS67+ CAC EX ANGEL DEE’S, realized $10,575

Lot 144 5C 1913 TYPE II. PCGS PR68 CAC, realized $58,750

Lot 193 10C 1898-O PCGS MS67+ CAC EX SIMPSON, realized $36,425

Lot 208 10C 1902 PCGS PR66 CAC, EX DAKOTA-YOUNG, realized $4,583

Lot 209 10C 1903 PCGS PR67 CAC EX DAKOTA-YOUNG, realized $5,875

Lot 305 50C 1838 PCGS MS66, realized $45,825

Lot 365 $1 1879-S PCGS MS67 CAC EX NORTHERN LIGHTS, realized $16,450

Lot 378 $1 1898-O PCGS MS66 DMPL CAC EX NORTHERN LIGHTS, realized $18,800

Lot 436 $2.50 1895 PCGS MS66 CAC, realized $8,813

Lot 456 $5 1892 PCGS PR65 DCAM EX BAREFORD, realized $52,875

Lot 502 1C 1858 J-213. PCGS PR65 CAM, realized $12,338.


Laura Sperber continued, “Even in this somewhat choppy market, great coins will bring strong prices. There were so many coins that realized prices higher than we had originally anticipated. Ending 2016 with such strong realizations, proves Legend Auctions is a leader in the auction market for true quality coins and participation from the world’s top collectors.”


“We are excited to see what 2017 has in store. Our January 2017 Regency Auction catalog is already at the printer, and will be featuring the first portion of Bob Simpson’s collection of Standard Silver patterns-which are the ‘best of the best’!”


“As always, we are always looking for quality consignments for our Regency and Sessions Internet only auctions,” added senior numismatist Greg Cohen. Our 2017 program includes Regency Auctions, held in conjunction with the PCGS Members Only Show in January, May, July, October, and December, and Internet-only Sessions Auction in every month that we do not have a Regency Auction; contact us today to discuss your holdings. We look forward to working with you! At Legend Rare Coin Auctions, we can offer you competitive consignment terms and very generous cash advances. And your coins will not be mixed into a phonebook sized offering.”

Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report—12/9/16

December Sessions ended on Thursday evening. Thank you to all who participated. We had a lot of new registered bidders, which is always nice to see. Congratulations to all the successful bidders.


Time is ticking until December 15, the date of the 19th Regency Auction in Las Vegas. The catalogs have been hitting people’s mailboxes and we have seen lots of bidding action already. As you peruse the coins being offered, if you see anything that you might like to bid on, but it is a little higher than your budget, let us know. We will work with you to arrange terms that will allow you to add that important coin to your collection. As collectors at heart, we understand that if given terms, you might step up and bid one more increment to get the coin you really want. There are so many areas well represented in the sale too! If you collect (or would like to start collecting) Buffalo nickels, Seated Liberty dimes, Barber dimes, Bust type coins, or Carson City Morgan dollars there are excellent selections to choose from in the 19th Regency Sale. We leave for Las Vegas on Tuesday morning, so be sure to contact us on our on site auction cell phone at 732-233-0719 with any questions.


We are finishing up cataloging for the Regency 20 Auction this weekend. The final count is 296 lots, which includes Part 1 of the Bob Simpson Standard Silver Pattern Collection and Part 3 of the Northern Lights Collection. It’s a smaller sale, but no less impressive than our normal Regency Auction offerings.

We are always on the hunt for consignments to our sales, both our Regency Auctions and Sessions Internet Only Sales. We will be posting our 2017 auction schedule on our website, so be sure to let us know if you have anything you would like to consign. Remember, if you are a Legend Numismatics or Legend Rare Coin Auctions customer, give us first shot when it comes time to sell. As you know, we are the smaller auction firm that gets the big results!