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Legend Rare Coin Auctions' Market Report--November 17, 2017

Posted by LRCA on 17 November 2017

The Regency Auction XXIV is now finalized! The sale contains 392 lots featuring many very high quality, hand selected coins and important rarities in many series. No matter what you collect, we know there will be something in this sale for you! A complete lot list was emailed out last night, and the sale will be posted live for bidding on Monday, November 20. Be ready!

 The sale is anchored by two collections. First up is the Bubbabells Collection, which features the current # 2 PCGS Basic Type Including Gold Registry Set. Obviously there are some very neat, high grade coins. A couple of our favorites are the 1875-S 20C in PCGS MS66+ CAC and the $5 1897-S in PCGS MS67+ CAC—both coins are truly spectacular and very high end. Following Bubbabells is the York Collection. Assembled over a period of several years, it focuses on key 19th century issues, as well as nice type. Some highlights: 5C 1867 Rays. PCGS PR64+ CAC ; 10C 1796 PCGS AU53 CAC; 25C 1870-CC PCGS VF20; 25C 1873-CC Arrows. PCGS AU55; G$1 1860-D PCGS MS62 CAC; $2.50 1826/’5’ PCGS AU55; $10 1873-CC NGC AU53; $20 1866-S PCGS AU55 CAC; $20 1879-CC PCGS MS61.

Following these two anchors are rare coins from other important consignments, each hand selected by our team of numismatic experts for inclusion in the sale, Including a PCGS Registry Set of Carson City Morgan Dollars, featuring a 79-CC in PCGS MS65 and an 89-CC in PCGS MS63. Other important consignments include fresh selections from an old 2C collection and coins from many other collections. There are many finest or tied for finest graded Mint State and Proof coins in many series, key date issues in popular collector grades, and a very strong offering of better-date gold coins.

 We are at Last Call again. There are only two weeks to consign to our January Regency Auction, our 25th Regency Auction in conjunction with the PCGS Members Show. Because of the holidays, we MUST have all coins in the office no later than Friday, December 8. If you have coins to consign, be sure to contact Julie Abrams at 845-430-4378 or email her at [email protected].


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Posted by Legend News on 10 November 2017

Last call for bidding!!! Our November Premier Session Internet Only Auction closes this SUNDAY, November 12 beginning at 10pm. There is still some time to view lots at our table, 643 at the Baltimore Expo-many collectors already have done so. We expect strong bidding on the 119 hand selected lots. There are a number of fresh to the market 2C pieces and silver dollars that are worthy of inclusion in the finest cabinets. This is not a slapped together typical internet auction, check it out. Good luck bidding!

The Baltimore Expo. Shows are slowing down—the internet has changed the game so much. We miss the days where collectors would come up and chat and after talking a while, they would consign to the auction. This just does not happen as much anymore. We are pleased with the few coins that we picked up at the show for the Regency Auction XXIV. After seeing the amazing results of the Crow River Collection, two highlights from the show we picked are a $5 1909-S PCGS MS64+ CAC  and a $10 1930-S PCGS MS64+ CAC. The Regency Auction XXIV is now CLOSED for consignments. We will have a full listing of the sale up for viewing next week.

Upcoming auctions. We are still accepting consignments for the December Premier Sessions Internet Only Auction as well as the January Regency Auction XXV. Contact us today to consign!

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Posted by legend news on 6 November 2017


The sale was posted late Thursday afternoon, and already we have a lot of bidders who have placed serious bids. There are 119 hand selected, high quality rare coins for your bidding pleasure. After a few Premier Sessions that had a larger number of lots, we are returning to our smaller, HIGHER quality focus. We know you will be delighted with the offering. Take a look at the lots in Baltimore, and remember to bid, sale closes on Sunday, November 12, starting at 10pm eastern.

LAST CALL for December!!!

We are less than ONE WEEK away from our consignment deadlines for both the December Premier Sessions and the December Regency XXIV Auctions. Legend Auctions will be at the Baltimore Show this coming week, and we will be taking consignments for those (and all upcoming) auctions. Be sure to see us if you have any coins you would like to consign. Our record shattering Regency Auction XXIII in Philadelphia last week MORE than proves our boutique auctions bring beyond strong prices for the best coins! We would love to include yours!

Already consigned to the December Regency Auction are two collections that complement each other wonderfully. The first is the York Collection. Built over the course of several years, the collection is a nice assemblage of KEY date coins in various series—each coin is high grade and highly desirable. Included are several important gold rarities and type coins, such as: 5C 1867 Rays. PCGS PR64+ CAC, 25C 1870-CC PCGS VF20 50C 1795 PCGS AU55 CAC, 50C 1815/2 PCGS AU58 CAC, $20 1866-S No Motto. PCGS AU55 CAC, $20 1873-CC PCGS AU58 CAC. (These are just a few highlights of this collection).

The second collection is the “Bubbabells” Type Collection, the #2 PCGS Basic Type Set, including Gold on the PCGS Registry. Obviously, each coin is PCGS-graded and many are CAC-approved. Highlights include: 3CN 1883 PCGS PR68 CAM CAC, 10C 1829 PCGS MS65 CAC, 20C 1875-S PCGS MS66+ CAC, 25C 1890 PCGS PR68 CAC, 50C 1908 PCGS PR68 CAM, 50C 1939 PCGS MS68+ CAC, $1 1799/8 15 Star Reverse. PCGS MS62, $1 1869 PCGS PR65 DCAM, $1 1921 Peace. PCGS MS66 CAC, G$1 1880 PCGS MS68 CAC, $2.50 1905 PCGS MS67+ CAC, $3 1878 PCGS MS66+ CAC, $5 1897-S PCGS MS67+ CAC, $10 1801 PCGS MS61.

There are other great coins consigned from various other consignments, all told, we have space for about 150-200 coins in the sale. If you are interested in consigning, come by table 643 at the Baltimore show. If you are not going to be there, call the office, at 732-935-1168 to discuss your coins.

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Superb Gem Key Morgan Dollars and Fresh Gold Totally Glitter in Record Shattering Offerings Legend's 23rd Regency Auction

Posted by legendsnews on 27 October 2017

(Lincroft, NJ—October 26, 2017)—Fresh offerings of gold coins shattered records in Legend Rare Coin Auction’s 23rd Regency Auction, the official auction of the Philadelphia PCGS Member’s Only Show. The Crow River Collection, the current #2 PCGS Registry Set of $10 Indians, consisting of 33 lots, far surpassed anyone’s expectations, realizing a total of $1,951,381.25! The top lot in the collection was Lot 451, a 1909-S in PCGS MS66+ CAC that realized a staggering $146,875. Virtually every PCGS/CAC coin shattered the old record and set new world records! Each coin of this magnificent collection is a highlight:

Lot 442 $10 1907 WIRE RIM. PCGS MS66 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $135,125

Lot 443 $10 1907 INDIAN. NO MOTTO. PCGS MS67 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $82,250

Lot 444 $10 1908 NO MOTTO. PCGS MS66 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $41,125

Lot 445 $10 1908-D NO MOTTO. PCGS MS65+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $79,312.50

Lot 446 $10 1908 MOTTO. PCGS MS66 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $30,550

Lot 447 $10 1908-D MOTTO. PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $36,425

Lot 448 $10 1908-S PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $47,000

Lot 449 $10 1909 PCGS MS65 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $16,450

Lot 450 $10 1909-D PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $55,813.50

Lot 451 $10 1909-S PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $146,875 (nearly 3x the presale estimate of $50,000!)

Lot 452 $10 1910 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $37,600

Lot 453 $10 1910-D PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $29,375

Lot 454 $10 1910-S PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $141,000

Lot 455 $10 1911 PCGS MS67 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $47,000

Lot 456 $10 1911-D PCGS MS63+ CROW RIVER, realized $30,550

Lot 457 $10 1911-S PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $35,250

Lot 458 $10 1912 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $42,300

Lot 459 $10 1912-S PCGS MS65 CROW RIVER, realized $34,075

Lot 460 $10 1913 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $70,500 (more than 2.5x the $25,000 estimate!)

Lot 461 $10 1913-S PCGS MS64 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $61,687.50

Lot 462 $10 1914 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $36,425

Lot 463 $10 1914-D PCGS MS67 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $135,125

Lot 464 $10 1914-S PCGS MS64+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $15,275

Lot 465 $10 1915 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $42,300

Lot 466 $10 1915-S PCGS MS65 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $85,187.50

Lot 467 $10 1916-S PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $38,775

Lot 468 $10 1920-S PCGS MS63+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $152,750

Lot 469 $10 1926 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $35,250 (nearly 3x the estimate of $12,000+)

Lot 470 $10 1930-S PCGS MS65+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $123,375

Lot 471 $10 1932 PCGS MS66+ CAC CROW RIVER, realized $14,687.50

Lot 472 $10 1907 INDIAN NO MOTTO. PCGS MS66 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $18,800

Lot 473 $10 1913 PCGS MS65 CAC CROW RIVER, realized $9,106.75

Lot 474 $10 1914 PCGS MS66 CROW RIVER, realized $21,150

Lot 475 $10 1926 PCGS MS66 CAC DUCKOR/CROW RIVER, realized $22,912.50

Strength was seen elsewhere in the sale, particularly in the early portion of the sale, where the D.W. Collection’s quality and freshness seduced bidders to pay very strong prices. While the type coins were high end and desirable, it was the gold that really glittered, with lot 37, an 1884 gold dollar in PCGS MS68 CAC realized $22,912.50. Further highlights from the sale included:

Lot 104 2C 1865 PCGS PR67 RB CAC which realized $18,800

Lot 110 3CS 1872 PCGS MS67+ CAC, realized $52,875

Lot 134 5C 1909 PCGS PR67+ DCAM CAC, realized $24,675

Lot 203 25C 1831 SMALL LETTERS. PCGS MS66+ CAC, realized $55,812.50

Lot 252 50C 1877-CC PCGS MS65+ CAC EX Dale Larsen Collection, realized $10,575

Lot 276 50C 1945-S PCGS MS67+ CAC, realized $17,037.50

Lot 322 $1 1881-S PCGS MS66 CAC “Jingle Bells” Ex San Francisco Set, realized $19,975

Lot 347 $1 1881-O PCGS MS65+ CAC, realized $6,462.50

Lot 371 $1 1884-S PCGS MS63+ CAC, realized $73,437.50

Lot 383 $1 1892-S PCGS MS67 CAC, Ex Eliasberg-Coronet, realized $470,000

Lot 387 $1 1893-O PCGS MS66 PL CAC, Ex Eliasberg-Coronet, realized $411,250

Lot 479 $2.50 1839-D PCGS XF45 CAC, sold for $10,575

Lot 507 $10 1914-S PCGS MS66, realized $164,500

Lot 539 1950 PROOF SET. PCGS PR67 Ex Dale Larsen Collection, realized $6,168.75 (more than 3x the presale estimate of $2,000!)

“The recent Regency Sale saw a number of records for Legend Auctions: number of consignors, registered bidders, bidders participating live on our website, and in the room, it was standing room only. Because of Legend’s impressive list of international clients, many great coins are now on their way to homes outside of the States. The market for really great, important American rare coins is truly international!” LRCA founder, Laura Sperber commented after the sale.

Julie Abrams, president of LRCA added, “Sale in and sale out, Legend Auctions’ impressive results prove that our boutique style and venue are best for presenting hand-selected, premium quality, high end coins to collectors. With the conclusion of our 23rd Regency Auction, we are very proud of our accomplishments; we may not be the biggest or oldest firm in the business, but we get the very best prices for our consignors!”

The next Regency Auction, number XXIV, is still open for consignments, but time is running out. The consignment deadline for the December 14th auction is November 10. Legend is proud to announce that the York Collection and the “Bubbabells” Type Set are among the impressive anchors to the sale. With space limited to 500 lots, contact Legend Rare Coin Auctions today to discuss your collection. Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen will work with you from the initial contact until you are paid in full for your consignment. You can reach them at 845-430-4378 or 732-935-1168, or [email protected] or [email protected].

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - October 20, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 20 October 2017

Last days to bid in our Regency Auction XXIII are upon us! If you haven’t yet done so, REGISTER, BID today, and set up phone or proxy bidding now.

Overall, we and our sister company Legend Numismatics feel the coin market overall is simply too cheap today. There are multiple reasons why-none of them really sound. One thing we hate to admit has happened (due to poor price reporting) the lower quality coins selling for large discounts have hurt the values on great coins. We shake our heads at how cheaply you can buy some really great coins. One thing you can always count on is EVERY coin in Legend Auctions are fully vetted by our numismatic experts, including Laura Sperber, one of the premier dealers in HIGH END and top quality coins. Even with the strong bidding we have seen in our sale so far there are certainly areas where great opportunities exist. Over the last few years, with the dispersal of such famous collections as Newman and Gardner, Seated and Barber type have seen their prices drop. There are proofs with mintages under 1,000 where you can buy PCGS/CAC GEMS for under $2,500.00—that is very cheap AND you have historic series that can be completed! Nickel coinage, 3CN, Shield, and Liberty in particular, both Mint State and proof have come way down, and present AMAZING opportunities for buyers. If you have not considered these series, take a look them in the Regency XXIII Auction—perhaps you will find a new direction to collect or add to your current holdings!

NOW is the time to make any arrangements for phone bidding or special payment terms! Contact us TODAY to set these up. We always have a large number of people ask to phone bid at the last minute, and while we try our best to accommodate, we recommend making arrangements early. If you need to make special payment plans, these need to be approved BEFORE you bid. Again, we work very hard to make sure everyone has the ability to add the desired coins to their collections.

We will have a complete recap of the Regency Auction in next week’s market report, as well as details about some of the great consignments already in house and being prepped for our Regency Auction XXIV in December. There is still time to consign to the FINAL major auction of 2017. Contact Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen TODAY!

NOTE: We are proud to say that to date, we have seen a record number of NEW and serious bidders register. It is our strong belief, this sale will yield some of the strongest prices in our companies history (the quality of the sale is really unmatched). So be prepared!

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - October 13, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 13 October 2017

This market report is being written while watching the sunrise this morning in Orange County, CA as we get ready for our special West Coast viewing in conjunction with PCGS’s Public Friday. We will be set up for lot viewing from 9-4 today at the Santa Ana Holiday Inn (click here for more information: If you are a local collector, and would like to view the lots in the October 26th Regency Auction, come on down.

Public Friday – Orange County, CA – Same Day Grading and …

Meet the friendly PCGS staff & learn how to submit your coins for authentication and grading at the Public Friday – Orange County, CA – Same Day Grading and Legend …


The October Premier Sessions Internet Only Auction closed last night. First off, thank you to all the bidders who participated. There was a lot of bidding that went on in the final hours of the sale, and we did see solid results throughout the sale.

There are now less than two weeks before the Regency XXIII Auction. The buzz surrounding the sale is nearly deafening! Numismatic enthusiasts from all over the country are planning to attend the show. Remember, the PCGS Members Shows feature a smalll bourse, about 25 tables. But these are the big players! If you are attending the BEST day is Thursday, October 26. If pre-sale bidding so far is any indication, there are going to be records broken! We have had a lot of inquiries regarding lot viewing at today’s event in Santa Ana, as well as mail inspection this week. There really are so many great coins in the sale to bid on and there are many areas that in today’s market are undervalued or just “stupid cheap.” Take a look at the 2C and 3CN pieces, Shield and Liberty nickels, proof Barbers in the sale.

If you are attending the Regency Sale, we look forward to seeing you in Philadelphia. If you cannot be there in person, and have any questions about any of the coins in the sale, be sure to contact Greg Cohen ASAP to discuss. If you need to make special payment terms, talk to Julie Abrams before you bid. You can also call our office to set up phone bid appointments and leave absentee bids.

Looking out at the rest of 2017, we have a jam-packed schedule that we are seeking consignments for. The first are the November and December Premier Sessions Internet Only Auctions. Remember, these are NOT your typical internet auctions, they are designed to be mini-Regency Auctions with all coins vetted by our numismatic staff and fully described by our experts. Also within a span of a month, we are presenting two Regency Sales, the December and January sales (both will be in Las Vegas). We already have some great coins in house for December’s Regency Auction, but there is still room to get your coins in. We need all coins in house before we leave for Baltimore, and will be taking select coins at the Baltimore show. Contact us NOW to discuss your consignment—time is running out! Remember, for qualified consignments, we will travel to you! We also offer some of the best terms in the biz, and present your coins to their finest advantage in our deluxe hardbound catalogs—a keepsake that will forever be a testament to your collection!

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - October 6, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 6 October 2017

Welcome to the October Premier Sessions Internet Only Auction. The sale contains 146 lots, and the focus is on QUALITY! Each coin was hand selected by either Greg Cohen or Laura Sperber, evaluated not just on merits of value, but also eye appeal and technical quality. You really will love this sale—it truly is a mini-Regency Auction! In the opening 12 hours, we have had seen large numbers of registrants—a number usually seen on in the same period for a large Regency sale, NOT an internet auction, and they are already placing serious bids! We broke six figures in bids faster then any other Premier Sessions Sale we have ever done. Be sure to get your bids in ASAP, the sale closes on October 12, beginning at 10pm eastern. Remember, our Premier Sessions sales are subject to a 10% buyer’s premium.

Speaking of SERIOUS bidding, our Regency Auction XXIII is now into its second week of bidding and over $4,000,000 in bids have been placed! We have had a lot of interest from people wanting to view coins. We have had more people set up appointments to view in house and interest in our first ever special west coast viewing in conjunction with the Public Friday event that PCGS is running on October 13. We are certain that there will be records broken throughout the auction. In speaking with many west coast players to set up appointments at the Public Friday event, most said they are making the trek to Philadelphia for the auction and will be participating in person. From the conversations we have had, we think this show will be just as well attended by serious collectors than the Baltimore Expo being held two weeks later! IMPORTANT NOTE: While the PCGS show is a great to attend, we strongly advise you do so Thursday-Friday is lot pick up and coin pick up and not much else happens.

Time is running out to discuss any lot previews by mail and any terms regarding payment for coins in the Regency Auction. It is always advised to discuss terms well in advance. Even if you do not end up spending as much as anticipated, talk to us BEFORE you bid. As collectors at heart, we want you to be able to buy the coins you want for your collection, and we are always willing to work with you. And please note, we are keeping our buyer’s premium at 17.5%!

Consignments are starting to flow into the office for the final auctions of 2017. We have a collection of Carson City Morgan dollars, including an 1889-CC in PCGS MS63 already in house, and we are working on a number of neat deals ranging from a few GEM pieces to a few really cool collections, details of which will come out once they are ready. If you have coins to sell in 2017, be sure to consign to the December Regency Auction XXIV. We will be taking last call at the Baltimore show, but we are open and taking consignments now. Please call or email us today to discuss! LRCA has PROVEN to get the top prices for top quality coins in a high end, boutique style venue. Our rates are very competitive, and we offer great terms on cash advances too!

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - September 29, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 29 September 2017

We have seen record bidding for an auction posted just one week online! What an amazing offering, and clearly collectors have taken notice! It really is our best sale yet. If you have not yet done so, take a few minutes this weekend to scroll through the lots and make plans to bid.

The D.W. Collection in particular is a spectacular group making up the first 55 lots of the sale. High quality copper coins from the High Octane and other consignments include proof half cents and large cents, high grade Indian cents and two cent pieces. Selections from the Dale Larsen Collection of Toned Type coins includes a fantastic 1877-CC half that is just stunning and a really pretty toned GEM 1861 proof dollar. We are so proud of the presentation of the #2 PCGS Set of Indian $10s, the Crow River Collection. Each coin really is high end and this is a remarkable set in terms of overall quality!

If you need special payment terms, contact Julie Abrams, at [email protected] or call 845-430-4378. The earlier you do so, the better, so please let us know as soon as possible. If you have any numismatic questions, about any lot in the sale, contact Greg Cohen, [email protected] or call 732-935-1168.

It is not too early to consign to the Regency Auction XXIV in December. Consignments have begun to arrive in our office, and more details about those will be coming shortly. We are looking for some great coins for the auction. They should be worth $2,000 or more per coin, with a minimum consignment value of $10,000 or more. Contact Julie Abrams or Greg Cohen for more information. We can offer competitive commission rates, generous cash advances, and the clients of Legend Numismatics bidding on YOUR coins!

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - September 22, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 22 September 2017

Welcome to the Regency Auction XXIII! The sale is now posted and ready for you to bid!

In less than two days since we opened bidding for the sale, we have already seen millions of dollars of strong bidding begin. People who often wait until the two weeks before the sale have already registered to bid, and bids are flooding in. We have gotten many compliments from customers regarding the coins in the auction, like this one that was emailed to Laura last night

“Hi Laura:

Are you kidding me with the Regency Auction? It is [expletive deleted] amazing. I can’t remember seeing anything like this in a long time.

I probably have 20 have to buys, another 20 would like to buys, and about 30 more I could never afford. I don’t even know where to begin.”

Or this one emailed to Greg:

“Hi Greg

I just took a quick look – it looks awesome!” D.S.

Clearly the word is getting out and with the 548 amazing, hand selected lots, featuring some of the best quality coins on the market, collectors starved for coins are coming out to bid with gusto. We expect many coins to sell strong and even more to bring record prices!

Take a few minutes this weekend to review the great coins and prepare to bid. If you have any questions regarding any of the coins do not hesitate to call or email Greg Cohen ([email protected] or call 732-935-1168).

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Legend Rare Coin Auctions Market Report - September 15, 2017

Posted by legendnews on 15 September 2017

The September Premier Session Internet Only Auction closed last night. The results were mixed, to be expected based on what we had in the offering. We assure you that the October Premier Session will have a smaller, but more high power selection of coins.

Laura and Greg are in the final stages of cataloging the October Regency Auction. The sale will contain around 550 lots, our biggest offering of hand selected coins yet! With each group of coins crossing our desks we are amazed with the quality. Whether part of a collection, or single coin consignment, there are many highlights. Currently Laura is writing up the 1892 $2.50 in PCGS MS67 CAC from the D.W. Collection. Ever since this coin came in, she has marveled at its outstanding quality. Both Greg and Laura have marveled at the Martha Washington Patterns, their quality and rarity are great. Greg has seen so many neat and interesting coins, including the FINEST KNOWN 1893-S Morgan dollar. One of the coins that sticks out for him, which is not a major rarity or high value item is the beautifully toned 1877-CC half dollar in PCGS MS65+ CAC. It has such a great look, and it should see very intense bidding. We are finalizing the order of sale this weekend and the sale is planned to be posted for bidding by the time we post our Market Report next week.

If you are not planning on coming to the Philadelphia PCGS Members Only Show, we will be conducting a special lot viewing in California on Friday, October 13 in conjunction with the PCGS “Public Friday.” Greg Cohen will be there to show lots and accept consignments for any upcoming auction sale. If So-Cal is more convenient for you to view lots, contact us today.

Consignments are beginning to trickle in for the December Regency Auction. A trio of beautifully toned silver dollars off the market since Superior’s September 1986 auction are just freshly graded by PCGS and consigned. We are accepting consignments for that sale through the November Baltimore show, but the sooner we have your coins the better. Contact Julie Abrams ([email protected] or 845-430-4378) or Greg Cohen ([email protected] or 732-935-1168).

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